Sunday, July 09, 2006

Like Seagulls on a lone French Fry

I've been talking to someone lately and she is lamenting the fact that it seems like guys only go for the thin, bubbly hot chick with the tight clothes and vapid personality. You know the ones. The girls that giggle at everything the frat boys say, pretend to be drunker than they are, love the fact that guys hit on them, and get moody when guys don't hit on them.

I certainly know the type.

In fact I saw this entire phenomenon in action at a pool party Saturday night. It wasn't a big party, just some close friend with whom we play baseball or volleyball. The host has just purchased this place with pool (duh), pool table, shuffleboard, big screen tv's etc,etc. A real, honest to goodness bachelor pad.

Anyway, like I said, small group, mostly married people and ...ONE single girl!!!


So as the title suggests, it was like watching seagulls all trying to get at that one French fry you throw a them on the beach. Remember "Finding Nemo"? "Mine! Mine! Mine! Got the picture?? LOL

And it is in this scene that I noticed both sides of this story...The lone girl (shapely, tight clothes, flirty), obviously enjoying the attention from all these guys...AND the ape-like, chestpounding guys who like this behaviour.


Is it alcohol that fuels the behaviour? Natural selection? Was she giving off pheremones?

All I can say is that I had a riot watching the guys. The girl? Yeah, she's pretty bosomy (ha, bosom) and friendly and flirty...But I got to wonder if it was more a lack of choice for these guys that physical good looks.

So in conclusion:

Yes, guys like the Barbie Dolls. Does it always make a relationship? I'm not sure. Just look at Nick and Jessica. She Dumb but Hot...He slightly Less Dumb but not too dumb to know you can have a relationship with a plastic ideal.

All we can do is sit back and laugh at the seagulls...Idiots!!!


Blogger Raquel at work / Kelly at play said...

maybe the seagulls drank too much tequila. that shit does something to you but we both know that already.

still, i like this blog. very much. i guess because it doesnt take the sexy hot chick's side for once! they can keep their bosoms!!

3:04 AM  
Blogger Pamer said...

yes there was much tequila circulating and was probably the main reason for all the squawking!!!!

9:00 AM  

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