Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back...from Frozen Florida

Yep, Pamer's Wife and I are back from our holiday in the sun and let's just say it was an adventure.

Oh yeah...no tans over here.

We did have some "Thank Gods" though:

-Thank God mama thought to reserve three rental cars so that we could all do our own thing.
-Thank God mama rented us this giant house so that we all had our own wing complete with bathroom and cable TV.
-and Thank God it wasn't hot or sunny, cuz God knows Pamer don't need no time int he sun. He don't need to relax and gets some rays by the pool with a cocktail and a copy of Marvel Civil War...noooooo.

Disney was fun (as always) even though I got rained on for the first time in 8 outings. Magic Kingdom actually shut down some rides for fear of lightning...oh well.

We got to do some new stuff like ride the Aerosmith roller coaster (twice) at MGM studios, ride the Test Track ride at Epcot (twice), ride the Everest roller coaster at Animal Kingdom (only once) and eat a giant smoked turkey leg at Magic Kingdom (only once ) and grossing out vegetarian Pamer's Wife while eating said giant smoked turkey leg ...Hahahaha.

Oh...and even though it was pretty cold some days, i vowed to wear my shorts everyday. Dammit, I was on vacation, I'm gonna wear my shorts. You could easily pick out the like-minded hearty Canadians in the crowds. Pamer's Wife just laughed as she put on layer after layer of warm clothes...chicken!

You guys ever hear of planes having to de-ice their wings before takeoff?? Sure you have. Ever hear of them having to do it in Orlando? HA!!! Well, it was pretty frigid whenwe boarded the plane for home and the Captain informs us that there is frost ont he wing and the authorities won't let us off the ground until its gone. Since Orlando International Airport doesn't have de-icing equipment we get to move the plane into the sunshine until it melts the frost...for an hour...remember its about 48 degrees F.

It's all pretty comical when you think about it and since we've had pretty good luck over the years with vacations. I guess we were due for a less than great time.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vacation State Of Mind


Yep that's the time we need to leave for the airport tomorrow morning to go to Florida. Damn, why so early?

The only thing that makes it ok leaving at such a god-forsaken time is that it's supposed to be -25 and snowy....and +25 in Orlando. Quite a swing in temps!!!

Ok, like I mentioned before this is a family trip...with my IN-LAWS. First time ever!! We've been married for nie on to 10 years and this part of the fam-damly has never traveled together (with me).

I am both excited and Frightened.

Excited to get out of work for a week and (hopefully) enjoy some Florida sun. Excited to go back to Disney World after 7 years and see what's new and improved. Excited to get out of work...oh yeah I said that already (did I mention that work sucks?).

Frightened because of traveling with Mom-in-law and two hyper toddlers (not mine).

Here's the itinerary as I see it unfolding:

-land in Orlando, Mom-in-law, Sis-in-Law and Wife immediately ask "where is the closest mall?"
-Guys dutifully cart women folk to mall...
-Disney (day 1)
-Disney (day 2)
-Disney (day 3)
-Disney (day4)

-now that Disney is over "what do we do now?"
-Pamer and Pamer's Wife make a bee-line to the beach

It should be fun though...i mean it's like they always say: A bad day on holidays is better than your best day at work.

Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions...frankly i would be just as happy lying on the beach and playing beach volleyball.

I will hopefully have a few pictures to post when I get back...especially the ones of me wearing my banana hammock.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stump the Blogger

So, i recieved a request today. One from someone whom i cannot and will not ignore. My pal TInk from Pickled Beef sent out an earnest plea "Please don't make me stare at Queen Latifah's face anymore!"

First off, Tink, i'm not sure why you're staring at her, secondly, she's gorgeous which means it should be a pleasure to stare at her and thirdly I am terribly sorry you've had to stare at her for a month.

Speaking of Tink, she had a great idea last month. She asked for readers to give her ideas on what to blog about. So...I am going to steal that idea and put out the same question to my readers.

Tell me what i should tell you. What do you need to know?

I'm at a loss which has resulted in the month long sloth.

That being said I will probably have lots to talk about after next week. I am going to Orlando next week for a family vacation.

-Disney World...my personal fav (seriously I am a Disney geek)
-Maybe Universal (i've never been)
-Seaworld (see Universal)

It'll be interesting. I've havn't been on a "family vacation" in 15 years.

But looking at the weather channel it doesn't seem that FLA weather is all that good lately....tornados aside, it seems to be colder that normal.

However I have two thoughts on this:
1. when our weather has been in the -30's for the last week anything over freezing is a pleasure
2. any day away from work is a great day

Once again gang, sorry for the lack of anything interesting to say. See you later.